Thursday, April 2, 2020

346 pages

Timelines Are Sarah.

I just spent 2 weeks on 31 “short” pages in my book! 2 weeks. . 2 long weeks/ on 33 pages of text. Ahhhhh! (that's the written sound of my frustration there= “Ahhhhh!”) And now... To date, there are exactly 346 pages in my book. 346 pages that further, the life of two people called... David and Sarah Burkhart. In a place and reality called Timelines Are Sarah.

But is it my story? 

To be honest it all seems less my story and more like their story. Because you see, when I am doing my story. Excuse me. When I am. . . doing their story. David and Sarah's story. It seems more often than not that all of it is being dictated to me, rather than me just “writing” it all out and calling it my own. 

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