Wednesday, March 25, 2020

whatever I use. Or do not use

The work desk

And then there are the mediums.

Not the gypsy card, reading kind. Although they too are in the story. Gypsies. But the other kind of mediums, you know, “the stuff” I use to tell the story with. And not just typing text on a computer. Or writing words down on a paper. But actually using audio and visual stuff that makes you hear and see things. Feel things. I like to feel things.

But whatever I use. Or do not use.

No doubt about it. That it is simply that. A story. A narrative. But I can tell you this much. It's never simply. . Anything. But hard work. But because I enjoy “the hard work”. It makes it pleasurable and enjoyable to do. And even the most mundane thing... if it brings pleasure. Well, you can do it over and over. Again and again. I know what your thinking. And your right. Yep. You do it too. And so do I. Over and over. Again and again.


Remember when you used to get a spanking for “Doing it”. But even that feels good to some people. Getting a spanking. Not me. I like sipping an ice-cold Coke while reading a story. Hearing a story. Or watching a story.

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