Wednesday, March 25, 2020

whatever I use. Or do not use

The work desk

And then there are the mediums.

Not the gypsy card, reading kind. Although they too are in the story. Gypsies. But the other kind of mediums, you know, “the stuff” I use to tell the story with. And not just typing text on a computer. Or writing words down on a paper. But actually using audio and visual stuff that makes you hear and see things. Feel things. I like to feel things.

But whatever I use. Or do not use.

No doubt about it. That it is simply that. A story. A narrative. But I can tell you this much. It's never simply. . Anything. But hard work. But because I enjoy “the hard work”. It makes it pleasurable and enjoyable to do. And even the most mundane thing... if it brings pleasure. Well, you can do it over and over. Again and again. I know what your thinking. And your right. Yep. You do it too. And so do I. Over and over. Again and again.


Remember when you used to get a spanking for “Doing it”. But even that feels good to some people. Getting a spanking. Not me. I like sipping an ice-cold Coke while reading a story. Hearing a story. Or watching a story.

Art from Timelines Are Sarah

Sunday, March 22, 2020

How did Orson Welles do it ?

Orson Welles 1937


I wonder lately. How did a person like Orson Welles ever “do it”? You know to bring all those wonderful stories to life. And in a way, few people ever did and do. I mean by 21 years old he had already mastered several different art forms/ mediums. And in such a way he is still today considered one of the best. Not only for his famous movie(s). But on the radio and live stage as well. And all of it goes back to his being an artist on canvas and paper. Drawing and painting. He drew and painted everything. Often long before it was ever acted out on the radio, stage or screen.



He dreamed dreams that even Homer would have been envious of. But undoubtedly there would have been no Welles without Homer's traditional Greek ways of telling a story. And of course, then comes Plato's thoughts and writing on “telling a story”. I mean it is at the bottom of everything “western” (not cowboy western (they are stories too) but western civilization) Putting aside cowboys... It's all Greek to me... God! Must we always go back to the dilemmas of things like Plato's The Phaedrus. Have you read it? My god. It messes with your mind. But it's all about basic storytelling. With a big warning at the end. You know like...What is a speech? What is reality? What is the body? What is the soul? What is death? What is life? And finally, it all goes back to the direct transmission of the story itself from the teller. That written words simply won't do in the place of the real thing. That is you and me and our own lives and the stories they tell. 

Whatever it is. Or whatever they are.

It always seems to boil down to making a good story out of ordinary lives with extraordinary potential. And the Greeks were some of the best at it. Telling a good story. They passed that tradition down to us. . .Westerners. Cowboys too. And us too.  That is in spite of all it's dreaming and alternate realities.  Timelines Are Sarah is a story about two people being in love with each other. And hey. What's better than a good romance? 

David and Sarah's song by Hartley 2020 

Friday, March 20, 2020

has grown from a few thoughts

Art from Timelines Are Sarah

So goes the story.
Timelines Are Sarah, has grown from a few thoughts and personal dreams. Grown into a legitimate, full-fledged naked, steaming, sensual reality. Into a sort of living book, movie, something not only expressed in written words. But more so in art, photos, and audio text. And even some songs and music too.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Sarah the dreamer

Art from Timelines Are Sarah

In spite of her great suffering, Sarah Winters Burkhart is a hopeful dreamer with a beautiful heart. When you read the story you might find it very easy to fall in love with her. Seemingly. almost everybody does. But the story also concerns her best friend David.  And how their love, true love, can recreate the entire world. Even when everything about it seems so hopeless and dark.